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WASHINGTON, D.C. July 13, 2021 – The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced today $12 million in funding to 13 American Indian and Alaska Native communities across the nation for projects that will reduce energy costs and increase energy security and resiliency. The selected projects will power their homes and communities, make their buildings more energy efficient, and install microgrids for essential services and resiliency – critical elements to reaching the Biden Administration’s goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Read more about the selected projects in DOE’s press release.


Welcome to the Energy Sovereignty Institute’s online information clearinghouse, and resource-base and portal. Our goal is to assist Native American communities (beginning with New Mexico) in energy planning and deployments, and their pursuit of energy sovereignty, independence, and economic development. 

Native communities can play a critical leadership role in the nation’s transition to a sustainable, resilient, and equitable energy system. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that while American Indian land comprises about two percent of all U.S. land, Indian lands contain five percent of total U.S. renewable energy resource potential, including high generation potential for solar, wind and hydropower among other renewable resources.

The potential for renewable energy-based economic development in Indian Country is clearly vast. This short video conveys the possibilities and the opportunities:

Video by New Energy Economy

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“My biggest dream is for First Nation Communities to become energy independent before mainstream America.”

Henry Red Cloud, Lakota Solar Enterprises Energy Sovereignty Initiative

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