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The New Mexico Climate Summit, held on October 25, and 26, 2021, featured input from Native American stakeholders. As reported by the Santa Fe New Mexican, “…several tribal leaders discussed the need for pueblos to move toward a clean energy future — and away from what they described as a dirty energy past, which included uranium mining. ‘We are striving to be a renewable energy leader in this country while lessening our carbon footprint,’ said Jonathan Nez, president of the Navajo Nation.

“Wilfred Herrera Jr., chairman of the All Pueblo Council of Governors, said the key to reducing the effects of climate change is to include all Indigenous people in the transition and work with leaders at all levels to create unity for the common goal. ‘The move toward renewable energy will greatly benefit from the pueblos’ involvement,’ Herrera said. ‘Native peoples in their beliefs and as stewards of Mother Earth are the first leaders in elevating awareness and addressing climate change,’ he said. ‘We possess knowledge in ecosystems and environment since time immemorial.’ ” Read the full article.


Welcome to the Energy Sovereignty Institute’s online information clearinghouse, and resource-base and portal. Our goal is to assist Native American communities (beginning with New Mexico) in energy planning and deployments, and their pursuit of energy sovereignty, independence, and economic development. 

Native communities can play a critical leadership role in the nation’s transition to a sustainable, resilient, and equitable energy system. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that while American Indian land comprises about two percent of all U.S. land, Indian lands contain five percent of total U.S. renewable energy resource potential, including high generation potential for solar, wind and hydropower among other renewable resources.

The potential for renewable energy-based economic development in Indian Country is clearly vast. This short video conveys the possibilities and the opportunities:

Video by New Energy Economy

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“My biggest dream is for First Nation Communities to become energy independent before mainstream America.”

Henry Red Cloud, Lakota Solar Enterprises Energy Sovereignty Initiative

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