Energy Sovereignty Videos

We are pleased to share two short videos produced by ESI for our community. The first, “Tribal Energy Sovereignty,” features interviews with a variety of experts on tribal energy and its relationship to tribal sovereignty, featuring: Joseph Kunkel (Northern Cheyenne), Co-Director of ESI and Director of the Sustainable Native Communities Design Lab; Sherralyn Sneezer (Diné), PhD student at Rochester Institute of Technology; Stan Atcitty (Diné), Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories; and Tiana Suazo (Taos/Jemez Pueblo), Executive Director, Red Willow Center:

The second, “Energy Equity,” focuses on energy access and energy poverty on the Navajo Nation, with Sherralyn Sneezer:

We hope you enjoy them, and please share them with your networks.

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